About Burgess Hill Shed



Formed at the beginning of 2016, we began as a group of enthusiastic shedders by meeting in hired premises in Burgess Hill.  At first, members brought their own equipment along and either worked in teams making portable benches or in small groups working on personal projects and learning new skills.  Some members also visited other more established community sheds and workplaces in Worthing and Brighton.  This provided insights into typical operations, facilities and equipment being used.

In parallel we entered into exploratory discussions with West Sussex County Council for the use of vacant workshop premises in Burgess Hill.  This was ideally located on the Victoria Industrial Estate and had once been a fully operational craft workshop.  Negotiations were completed in August 2016 and members began furnishing the workshop with new benches and equipment.  The workshop is now open each week and membership is steadiliy increasing.


Our Shed is organised and run by members and volunteers who are committed to our mission.  In addition to their own projects, members also carry out various tasks to help develop and run our Shed.  These include making and maintaining equipment, admin, helping other Shed members and making products to sell and raise funds to cover operating costs.

Members may also volunteer for specific roles such as workshop supervisor, first aider and trustee.  Where appropriate, such roles are supported by formal training funded by our Shed.

Membership is open to men and women over the age of 18 years.


Our main workshop is a large, well-lit space which is currently being furnished with benches, machinery and handtools.   It is suitable for a range of woodworking crafts and light metal work.  In addition, we are constructing specialist craft tables to provide seated workstations and enable groups to work together.

An office is also being refurbished and new kitchen and lounge areas created to enable members to take breaks and socialise.

What you can do

Members decide which projects and activities they wish to do.  These may be personal DIY projects, hobbies and learning projects, or projects to develop and run group projects.  As far as practically possible, our resources reflect the preferences and needs of members, and we endeavour to support any member wishing to introduce new crafts or establish a new section. 




Burgess Hill is a registered charity, number 1168743
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