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Post: 9 Feb 2017

Open Days planned for 2017.

Two open events planned: Wed 13 March and Wed 7 June, both supported by Burnside and Town Council.  Aimed at promoting BH-Shed in the community.  Proposed timings are 1000 to 1430 hr. 

Wed 13 March

To publicise important milestone, i.e. BH-Shed now open for business as usual, to promote general awareness, attract new members, etc. Visitors invited to see workshop, talk to members about projects, the shed, etc., look at some projects and products. People that have helped us to reach this milestone will also be invited.  Burnside have indicated that they will run an informal open event at the same time and may provide refreshments.

Leading up to the open day, it would be appreciated if we focus on the workshop with a general tidy up, finish projects in hand, and getting new machinery (when it arrives) and tools in place.

Wed 7 June

Part of Burgess Hill Summer Fayre to promote awareness and attract new members.  In partnership with Burnside and in conjunction with Town Council.  The Town Council will produce a promotional poster for us.  Burnside may have their shop open by this time too.

(Would be great to hear from anyone interested or with experience in promoting/organising open days.) 


Membership growing steadily, just about to break into the thirties.  Attendance up especially Wednesdays.


Potters are going to use the art room in Burnside. Some are interested in wider aspects of our Shed.  One option is to join the Shed and set up a new 'Potters' section, an arrangement supported by Burnside. Equipment needed will be obtained through a grant and Councillor Anne Jones has indicated she will support their application. Potters plan to meet evenings which requires agreement with WSCC, and if successful we may open the workshop on the same evening if there is enough interest. (Would appreciate any views or interest in this.)

Horsham Shed

Horsham Shed visited the workshop on 8 Feb.  They are currently renovating premises in Horsham and expect to be up and running in a few months. Thanks to the BH-Shed members that helped during the visit.

Work in Progress

We obtained several new items over the past few weeks, some donated, some purchased through grants. More new equipment in the pipeline.  Several items were donated by Gordon and Peter - many thanks. One item, not working was repaired by Chris and Ian, and hopefully with a PATS and check over it will be put to good use - great work guys.

6 magnificent boxes for members storage have been made by Ted. Frank has just obtained some more plywood for another 6 boxes.  (Please talk to Ted if you are interested in helping to make these boxes.)

Woodwork benches are now fitted with new vices and we now have an excellent craft table (costing about £18) thanks to Martin, Keith and Ian. David R completed the cupboards in the metalwork bench - just need the locks to be fitted and work has started on a new carving bench. Keith used the morticer to make leg joints, David B and Jen are working to complete the top. It's a bit complicated but we are getting there!

Derek completed the first batch of nunchucks and will hand them over to the martial arts sponsor (who donated a lathe to us). Cheers Derek. (Please talk to Derek if you are interested in making these.)

Ian and David B successfully completed a three day first aid course aimed specifically at our kind of workshop environment.  Derek and Frank are taking the same course soon which will give us good cover in the workshop.

Pictures of supervisors, trustees and first aiders taken by Len are now displayed in the workshop (notice board) with their contact details as well as Burnside duty managers. Len is also keeping a pictorial record of our progress.  There are also other notices showing the location of the first aid box.

Simon has set up a Facebook page for us with some new pictures (see: which should help attract wider interest.

Thanks to all members that have worked hard on many other parts of the workshop over the past months.



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